LP Range

The LP Range comprises a wide spectrum of products ranging from engines for OEM applications through to complete product packages, such as our extensive range of gensets.

Designed and developed with in-house expertise gained from being one of the leaders in our sector; our products have created a global demand for the reassurance embodied by the Lister Petter brand.

Our products encompass the ruggedness, reliability and durability that the market expects from a premium British built product.


The ruggedness and longevity of the Lister Petter range of engines has been proved beyond doubt over decades of use on a wide range of varying applications and environments. Power outputs are available from 2.1kW through to 258 kW.

Generator Sets

The Lister Petter range of air and water cooled gensets is renowned for its quality and reliability. A wide range of different models are available offering power outputs of between 4.6 and 248kVA.


Our IRP irrigation pumps offers flows from 28-550 m3/hr and the DP-T dewatering/drainage pump, flows from 62-200 m3/hr. The submersibles are multistage centrifugal types manufactured from stainless steel offering water flows from 1.5 to 150 m3/hr.

Lighting Towers and Welding Sets

The compact, robust, mobile Lighting Tower produces 4000w of lighting power from metal halide lamps. Our welding sets are powered by the two and three cylinder Alpha producing outputs from 170 – 400 amps.

Alternative Energy

The Energy Centre is an integrated power system which is self-contained with an integral electronic control system and deep cycle battery technology to ensure extended life. Our innovative Bio Rig produces biodiesel from vegetable oil and methanol.