Canal Star Engines

Power Outputs

  Model r/min 2600 3000
Maximum power at flywheel 18 kW  13.4 N/A
bhp 18
27 kW  20.1
bhp 27
36 kW  26.8
bhp 36
45 kW  N/A 33.6
bhp 45


1. Power ratings measured at the flywheel and fuel consumptions, apply to a fully run-in, non derated engine without a radiator and fan fitted and other power absorbing accessories or transmission equipment
2. The overload (intermittent) capability applies to a fully run-in engine.  This is normally attained after a running period of about 50 hours.

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Canal Star Engines

Canal Star Engines

Variable speed; maximum power at flywheel at 3000 r/min: 14.9 - 41.0 kW; 20 - 55 bhp
Liquid cooled marine propulsion diesel engines for canal boats

Suitable for:

• canal narrowboats and barges
• pleasure boats and hire fleets
• any other keel or skin tank cooled vessels

Basic Engine Characteristics

• 2, 3 or 4 cylinders
• liquid cooled
• indirect or direct injection
• naturally aspirated or turbocharged (45 only)
• durable, economical and reliable
• low fuel consumption
• long service periods
• quiet running, low vibration, low emissions

Design Features and Equipment

• Newage or ZF gearbox
• air cleaner
• fresh water cooling suitable for skin tanks
• fuel filter/agglomerator
• 12 volt starter motor
• sump drain pump
• anti-vibration mountings
• high level bearers
• calorifier connections providing fast domestic hot water warm-up
• traditional 'Lister' green paint finish

Optional Items

A range of options enables your Alpha marine engine to be built to your exact needs:
• choice of gearboxes (see above)
• choice of air cleaners
• high output alternator, 50 or 70 Amp (dependent on model)
• twin alternators (see illustration)
• start panels
• instrument panel with hour recorder, key switch and visual and audible warnings
• drive adaptors
• wiring loom
• protection systems