Power Outputs

Power r/min 1500 1800
Continuous kW 17.7 22.1
bhp 23.7 29.6
Fuel Stop kW 19.5 24.3
bhp 26.1 32.6


1. Power ratings measured at the flywheel and fuel consumptions, apply to a fully run-in, non derated engine without a radiator and fan fitted and other power absorbing accessories or transmission equipment
2. The overload (intermittent) capability applies to a fully run-in engine.  This is normally attained after a running period of about 50 hours.

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Power ranges: 17.7-24.3 kW; 23.7-32.6 bhp
Fixed speeds: 1500, 1800 r/min
Durable, reliable, easy to maintain liquid cooled, G build diesel engine


The LPWX Series has been developed to deliver a compact, high power density engine with improved fuel consumption.
Through development and use of the Lister Petter HRCS advanced combustion system additional attributes have also been achieved. These combine to give a smoother, quieter and more powerful engine coupled with our world famous reliability.

Special Attributes

• LP-HRCS (High Re-Entrant Combustion System)
• multi-hole fuel injection system
• hydro-honed injector hole conditioning
• increased power density
• reduced fuel consumption and Noise
• 500-hour service intervals
• designed for continuous operation in ambient temperatures up to 52°C (122°F)
• cold start capability down to -32°C (-25.6°F)

Basic Engine Characteristics

• diesel fuelled
• direct injection
• 4 cylinders
• liquid cooled
• naturally aspirated

Design Features and Equipment

• heavy duty air cleaner*
• Polyvee fan/alternator drive belt*
• inlet and exhaust manifolds*
• inlet manifold heater plugs
• fuel lift pump
• self-vent fuel system with individual fuel injection pumps
• fuel filter/agglomerator
• gear-driven positive displacement type lubricating oil pump
• spin-on lubricating oil filter
• 12V starter motor*
• 12V battery charge alternator*
• safety switches*
• fuel control solenoid (energised to run)*
• mechanical governing
• radiator with fan and belt guard*
• flywheel with ring gear; 7.5" heavy flywheel for 1500/1800 r/min
• SAE 5 flywheel housing (SAE 4 optional)
• standard skid base packing
• operators’ handbook

Optional Items

• oil cooler
• 24V electrics
• increased oil sump capacity (deep sump)
See also items with asterisk under Design
Features and Equipment.
A range of options allows you to select a specification that matches your requirements;
please consult your Lister Petter distributor.